Thursday, July 14, 2011

Painting! Painting!

It seems as though we did a lot of painting this summer. Between the rehabilitation of the exhibition space and prep for the one installation about the 1913 flood, there were many coats of paint and endless painting to be done, it seemed. In the end the Moondrain Zombies were sick of painting. It was the one activity that seemed to cause the most trudgery and despair amongst the group. But–in the end–everything looked great!

 Rose really got into painting objects for the flood piece.


Painting really made Nigel whine, which is how we came up with our team motto..."Would you like some cheese with that whine?"

I don't know what they were complaining about...I had to repair all of the walls! This meant I couldn't keep my eyes on them all the time. When I didn't, strange things would happen.

  Rehabilitating the exhibition space.



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