Friday, August 5, 2011

Exhibition Documentation: Feet Per Second

Kaz McCue in Collaboration with Sara Mitchel Sherman and BlueSky Project 2011
Feet Per Second, 2011
Digital Video 

This piece began with the practice of bucket brigade, an early (and still relevant) form of firefighting. This idea was enticing to the group because of its performative nature and because it centered on objects. It was natural to approach Sara’s group because of the work they were doing with movement but it was also exciting to push the idea past its initial parameters. The two groups worked together in traditional forms of bucket brigade but as the activity continued the collaboration started to look at the performance and the objects more creatively. Changing the vessels with which water was carried was one idea that sparked a lot of excitement and this helped to change the gesture of the performance. In the end, the performers passed glass pipettes (the vessels) with their feet, which created an unusual physical and visual gesture. This video is the result of the final collaboration, which was recorded as video.

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